Inseen Construction Limited is a construction and management company well established in the UK. We have established an enviable reputation within our client base, demonstrating competence, enhancing team working and providing the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. Our team of highly skilled, proactive and creative individuals offer immense commercial value to clients. Our morals and ethics are founded on the principle of team working, client service and the need to exceed expectations.

Our Evolution

Since Inseen Construction Limited was created in 2010 the company has continually developed and delivered on many diverse and complex projects. Branching off from the speciality of aviation, Inseen has explored many different opportunities using our transferable skills and depth of experience has been able to expand the business to many varying sectors. our repeat clients and our ability to deliver in challenging environments is a testament to our passion, collaborative working and relationship building has enabled Inseen to develop and maintain a strong standing within the industry.

Our Vision

To be a respected and trusted partner delivering highly skilled services to Clients within construction and refurbishment services. We achieve this by supporting and enhancing our clients and customers projects with bespoke services to meet their needs, aspirations and goals.

Our Values

  • Professional and passionate about the construction industry, whilst being ethical, innovative and honest at all times.
  • Continue to prioritise a focus on time, cost and quality of projects for our clients from inception to completion.
  • Take ownership of projects and ensure that we embody the values of integrity and respect.
  • Care for our project teams and the communities in which we operate
  • Provide safe and secure working environments and enhance the reputation of the construction industry.
  • Emphasise with our clients; ensuring we understand their business needs and constraints outside the physical project.
  • Be a safe and responsible considerate contractor acknowledging the people and environment in which we operate.

Health and Safety

We regard our responsibility to Health, Safety and the Environment with paramount importance. 

We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining high level of standards by operating with an established safety culture. 

Our culture is based on respect and a co-operative approach, with our collaborating style being fundamental to all relationships with project teams, clients, suppliers and the wider community.

Please see our accreditation to reflect our commitments and competence.

As a modern and knowledgeable business we are committed to create and develop sustainability solutions that meet environmental targets across all of our business activities.

We are experienced in operating at sites of environmental sensitivity and importance and comply with 9001.

We have an enviable safety records with no re-portable incidents.

Approach and Quality

Inseen Construction Ltd provides construction delivery solutions and services to our clients. Through our extensive and collective experience we have knowledge of delivering large complex projects, refurbishment of new and existing buildings and management of both large and small civil engineering projects within the private sector.

We are committed to delivering the best service to our clients, anytime, anywhere. We truly align with our client’s goals and aspirations to deliver iconic projects or simply to problem solve situations that arise. We are an ethical company that has a respect for individuals and the wider society in which we operate. We seek to fully develop, support and co-operate with all project team members, creating a synergistic, comfortable and safe working environment within each project and promoting a strong team ethos. We are a dynamic and proactive company who place high value on meeting both our client’s and our employee’s needs, whilst professionally representing the image of the construction industry.

Our passion for the delivery of complex projects is not limited to the construction phase. Inseen Construction Ltd provides the whole turnkey process and offer exceptional after care to the client. Within the business we are passionate about the:

  • Creation of bespoke management systems, development of our employees, focus on our performance and the strategic and organic growth of the business.
  • Care and pride in our performance and quality of service to meet our cultural identity in line with our dynamic and progressive approach.
  • Challenge to our competitors by delivering best practice and best value for our clients.